Thank you Reka for my Reiki session. I greatly appreciate the work you did, specifically on my lower chakras. I feel more connected than ever to my inner child & I have so much gratitude for you assisting me in healing. Many blessings to you & your practice.

Norma Alicia, South Lake Tahoe, CA

I’ve travelled the Reiki world for many years in my journey and have experienced the Reiki energy and healing by many. I will say that Reka is the truth, she is tapping into that inner power she possess and extending her healing power to the Universe and those who are in need.

I’ve been having some health issues recently and her session really had an healing element and I felt her energy channeling through mine.

Thank you for opening to the spirit. I will be back for more healing. Much love Sheryl

Sheryl Brannon Lewis-El, Baltimore, MD

The Reiki I experienced through Reka was absolutely amazing. The preliminary consultation was so thorough and made me feel like I was in the best hands possible. I have been experiencing emotional and energetic trauma in my vocal cords/throat chakra. I went into the Reiki session with no expectations, but the experience I had completely blew me away. I am so grateful for Reka because the session I had has catapulted me into the deep shadow work needed to fully heal my voice!!

Dani Turner, Washington, DC

Reka’s Reiki honestly surpassed my expectations. I had ongoing pains in my back/neck/shoulder area. I also, was struggling mentally & had a lot of emotional burdens. After Reka administered the Reiki, a lot of healing was set in motion to my physical, mental, and emotional states. It was just the catalyst I didn’t even know I needed, in order to really have a fresh start for me to continue my shadow work & evolve spiritually. I’m forever grateful for my experience with her!!

Camille Kamiyu, Greenwood Louisiana




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